Friday, 2 December 2011

Lana Del Rey born to die.

She is so mysterious and fascinating and i'm waiting for her debut Album,after Blue jeans and Video games we can listen  a brand new song "Born to die",this song needs to be listened many times

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lady Gaga Marry the night video ufficiale

Habemus video,dopo mesi di attesi e anticipazione il The Prelude Pathétique ci possiamo vedere il video che piu che un video è un cortometraggio dove miss Germanotta se la canta, suona, recita e dirige una tuttofare insomma,l'inizio del video è molto interessante poi man mano si la storia si perde e diventa tutto confusionare non si capisce dove voglia andare a parare.

rihanna You da one backstage

rihanna never takes a rest now she is working on her new video "you da one" with a blond wig great times

the first single will be Great times,not as we thought Hard feat jennifer Lopez,
at first listen the song is really boring,it's time to stop with elettro music - Great Times [ORIGINAL ÁUDIO] by Hernani Baroni
if you like the song put your hands in the air.
tell me if you like it!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alessandra amoroso ascolta la preview

Alessandra Amoroso sta per pubblicare un dvd+cd con cinque inediti che è possibile ascoltare sul sito di qui Ecco i titoli: Prenditi cura di me, E’ vero che vuoi restare, Ti aspetto, L’altra metà di te e Succede.
sto punto non perdere tempo.

Usher & David Guetta "without you"live

Usher and David Guetta perfoming live their smash hit "without you"

rihanna "you da one"

rihanna is working on her new video "you da one,
Arrivano le prime immagini dal set del prossimo singolo di rihanna "you da one"

Emily Sande "DAddy"

after her big success with "heaven" Emily Sandè release her second hit Daddy
produced with Naughty Boy,Actually she is collaborating with Alicia keys.
She claimed: It was the most phenomenal time and we wrote three tracks together,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “She was the artist I idolised when I was 15-years-old. It was nerve-wracking at first but by the end of it I felt we’d become friends.
“We had a lot in common so it was a real meeting of minds. She gave me advice on how to handle everything and it really felt like she was ­mentoring me.”