Friday, 24 June 2011

Beyonce,4 new album,Destiny's Child reunion

It’s always good for a record company to have faith in their biggest stars, but Columbia Records have not exactly given a massive confidence boost to Beyonce when talking about her upcoming album “4”.
The record company said that they are worried her new album may not do as well as her previous releases because it doesn’t contain enough hit singles.
A report in the New York Post says that the label asked the singer to make changes to her album but she refused. They are also rumoured to be in talks to reunite Destiny’s Child if Beyonce’s album flops.
“Beyonce’s career has stalled a bit,” a source said. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage of out a comeback record with all the girls.”
The only problem there is that Kelly Rowland apparently isn’t interested in a comeback of the group.
Beyonce plays Glastonbury this weekend with other headliners Coldplay and U2.   

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